Pottery Patterns & More

Category A, Classic or Simple Designs

Category A is a compilation of Classic or Simple Designs, painted by Artisans commencing upon their career. The original design was and impressionistic view inspired by the eye of the Peacock feather and is still in wide circulation, 100′s of years later. Some designs have a very folk art feel while others can seem French country or modern. The classic designs also can have a very contemporary feel, perfect for Urban setting and decor. The flexible and adaptable qualities of the patterns and shapes are an example of how Polish Stoneware transcends and transforms homes and lives and is one of the many reasons we cherish it.

Category DU, Modern Designs

Category DU is compiled of modern day designs, painted by intermediate level Artisans. These patterns are rich with color and interesting designs while remaining simple and desirable through the repetition of pattern. At first glance the repetative patterns are alive and as you begin to see the many aspects and details, the pattern complexity is observed and a rich, deep appreciate ensues.

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Category ART, Unikat, Master Artisans

Category ART, often referred to as “Unikat” or “Signature Series” expresses the highest of Artisans talent, skill, and Polish Stoneware “glamor” appeal. Patterns are hand stamped using the traditional technique, layering design on top of design and finishing a variety of details with brush work. These talented Artisans have reached the height of their career and their pieces are cherished.

The “Trend Setter” Collections

Pure Color Collection, “NEW”

We continually work with the factory on new patterns and shapes that you request. Each project takes some time, up to two years, but it is well worth it. The Pure Color Collection is a direct example of the teamwork and commitment to bring you what you want. This collection is, inexpensive, solid quality, hand made, and TOTALY complements all the other pieces of Polish Stoneware. The Pure Color Collection was inspired by our conservative collectors who use Polish Stoneware for cook-ware and serve-ware but find the dinnerware to busy. Here is a perfect way to create your own “Artisan Table” every day.

Black & White, “NEW”

We love the classic/trendy feel of our “Black & White” Collection. Function and Elegance dance through this collection and patterns will be added as the popularity grows. This collection was developed with the younger generations in mind. The trendy black & white look is perfect for a season and when styles change there is no need to toss out perfectly good dishes. These will integrate beautifully with other Polish Stoneware patterns for a truly eclectic scrape book of your life.

Holiday & Kids patterns, “Seasonal”

Here are fun, whimsical patterns that will brighten up any day! These patterns are seasonal so we suggest you purchase them when you see them as they may not return!

Patterns are intended for mixing and matching to create a European eclectic style. This is a rich tradition that is essential to sustaining the village and each purchase insure the continuation of the heritage and future growth of a dishware that brings more joy and happiness than any other.

Our Original Cotton Line from India

Table coverings can be difficult to find so many people use plain cloths. That is a great option but now you have more. These place mates, napkins and tea towls will bring the color of Polish Pottery to life and decorate your table day after day. The collection is evolving and new arrivale will be available in June. Staty tunned for more photos.


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